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Introducing Tomarket’s Exciting New Telegram “Drop” Game Offering $TOMATO Airdrop Opportunity

Tomarket, a decentralized marketplace, has recently launched a clicker game on Telegram to offer an in-game token airdrop until July 15, 2024.

This game provides an opportunity for users to earn free tokens through airdrop farming, with early participants receiving additional rewards and benefits. You can find more information about the game on BitPinas.

The Drop Game by Tomarket is a tap-to-earn clicker game that focuses on farming simulation.

Tomarket is a decentralized market where users can trade real-world assets, protocol points, crypto bond yields, and pre-circulation tokens. The project has recently secured investment funding from Bitget Wallet and ForesightX, and will be built on the Bitget Onchain Layer.

Key features of the Drop Game include tapping on a tomato to plant it and waiting an hour to farm $TOMATO. There is also a side game where players can slice falling tomatoes to earn more points.

The Tomarket Drop Game’s alpha launch started on July 8 and will run until July 17, providing early users with rewards for active participation. Players have the opportunity to accumulate $TOMATO, which can later be converted into the official Tomarket.ai token.

To start farming $TOMATO, visit this link, click “Start,” and choose the “Play Tomarket” button. Players can plant tomatoes, play the fruit-slicing game, complete social tasks, refer friends, and collect daily check-in rewards for more $TOMATO.

The developers plan to introduce new activities over the next 30 days to maintain excitement among users. Stay tuned for updates on potential airdrops and upcoming features. You can read more about the Tomarket Drop Game on BitPinas.

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