FixedFloat Exchange Addresses Security Breaches and Plans for Future Enhancements

FixedFloat, a prominent crypto exchange, is excited to announce its full return to operations after facing a series of security breaches earlier this year. The exchange, which fell victim to cyberattacks in February and March resulting in $26.1 million in losses, has taken significant steps to bolster its security measures and ensure the protection of users’ assets.

In February, FixedFloat was compromised by an attacker who exploited vulnerabilities in its security system. Despite immediate actions to address the weaknesses, the same attacker struck again on March 31. After investigation, it was revealed that the vulnerabilities were in the services provided by Time4VPS, a third-party hosting provider used by FixedFloat.

For years, FixedFloat had relied on Time4VPS for hosting services, initially attracted by its affordability and convenience. However, by early 2024, some infrastructure components remained hosted with Time4VPS despite migrating most operations to proprietary servers. The security breach in February and March exposed the limitations and risks associated with the partnership with Time4VPS.

FixedFloat promptly took steps to enhance its security framework and infrastructure following the attacks, suspending operations for two months. Now, the exchange has resumed services, fulfilling obligations to clients and reintroducing most cryptocurrency exchanges. The team is actively working to expand offerings and introduce new currencies.

The community’s patience and support during the challenging period are deeply appreciated. FixedFloat is back, stronger, and more secure than ever, committed to delivering fast, reliable, and high-quality services to its users.

Founded in 2018 by a team of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and blockchain experts, FixedFloat simplifies the process of exchanging cryptocurrencies through practical and scalable solutions. Users can choose between fixed or floating exchange rates to align with their investment strategy. The platform offers fast processing, robust design, and dedicated customer support to meet the needs of the cryptocurrency community.

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