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Notcoin Surges 80% in Weekend Rally: Could a NOT Explosion Be Imminent?

Amidst the market slowdown, Notcoin (NOT) has shown impressive performance over the last three days, skyrocketing by 80% over the weekend. This has sparked optimism among investors and market watchers about its short-term outlook.

A month ago, Notcoin made waves by surging over 500% in just two weeks. Originally starting as an in-game currency for a clicker game, the Telegram-based sensation has since integrated with the messaging app and The Open Network (TON) blockchain, revolutionizing marketing and gaming in Web3.

Recently, Notcoin announced partnerships with Helika Gaming to launch the Telegram Gaming Accelerator and introduced Notcoin Explore for launching Web3 projects in Telegram. With a growing user base and community-oriented model, Notcoin has set itself up for success in the TON blockchain.

Despite the market slowdown, Notcoin has outperformed other GameFi tokens, bouncing back from last week’s retrace to trade between $0.015-$0.017. Market analysts are optimistic about its short-term and mid-term performance, expecting it to hit a new all-time high above $0.3.

As of now, Notcoin continues to soar, trading at $0.01717 with a 15.5% increase in the last 24 hours and a 21.5% increase in the past week. It’s important to note that investing in crypto assets is highly volatile and carries risks, so investors should be prepared for potential losses. Read the full disclaimer for more information. Source: NewsBTC.com.

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