Massive Success for Hamster Kombat as User Base Soars to 239 Million, ByBit Launches Pre-Market Trading Feature

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Telegram’s Founder Pavel Durov believes that the game is at the forefront of the emerging mini-apps ecosystem on the platform.

Describing it as “the quickest-growing digital service globally,” Telegram’s Founder and CEO Pavel Durov announced that 239 million users have already signed up for the tap-to-earn game Hamster Kombat.

He also revealed that the game’s token will be launched on The Open Network (TON).

Additionally, Bybit has disclosed that pre-market trading for the HMSTR token will soon be available, allowing individuals to speculate on HMSTR prior to its official token launch.

The remarkable number of players demonstrates a significant interest in Hamster Kombat, to the extent that the government of one country has cautioned its citizens against playing the game.

Stats show that within the first 73 days of its launch, the game garnered 100 million players, reaching 150 million players by mid-June 2024, and hitting 239 million players within the first three months.

Furthermore, the Telegram community boasts 50.5 million members, with 11.5 million followers and 32.5 million YouTube subscribers.

Recent developments include Bybit introducing pre-market trading for HMSTR, the launch of Hamster Green Energy cards to support eco-friendly initiatives, the establishment of 17 YouTube channels in various languages under Hamster Academy for game-related content, the introduction of a new level named “The Creator” in honor of Durov, and upcoming features for players known as Hamster CEOs.

In a statement, Pavel Durov mentioned, “As I mentioned some months ago, a new wave of mini apps on Telegram is on the horizon, with Hamster Kombat leading the pack. Its phenomenal growth underscores the viral potential of the Telegram mini app ecosystem.”

Looking ahead, Hamster Kombat’s team plans to mint its token on TON to bring blockchain advantages to millions. Although the launch was initially scheduled for July, it remains uncertain if it will proceed as planned.

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