Introducing Maya Parbhoe: The Presidential Hopeful Championing Bitcoin to Revive Suriname

Maya Parbhoe, a bold entrepreneur and CEO of the Bitcoin startup Daedalus Labs, has inherited her father’s business acumen as well as his intolerance for corruption. Her father, Winod Parbhoe, was the victim of a drive-by shooting after blowing the whistle on millions of dollars being siphoned from his business account. The case remained unsolved and marked an injustice in Suriname’s history.

Maya’s family background includes a legacy of successful businesspeople who contributed significantly to Suriname’s development. Despite facing financial loss and challenges after her father’s murder, Maya persevered and established successful companies, including Icarus Geo and Quickship Logistics.

Maya’s journey led her to create Daedalus Labs, a Bermuda-based company focused on leveraging Bitcoin to address real-world problems. Through Daedalus Labs, she introduced RESIN, a unique real estate investment trust (REIT) that utilizes Bitcoin for property acquisition and ownership without traditional banking systems.

Maya envisions a future for Suriname on a Bitcoin standard, aiming to replace the highly inflationary Surinamese dollar with Bitcoin to uplift the population from “survival mode” caused by the existing fiat system. She plans to privatize industries in the country cautiously, emphasizing the need to reduce government involvement known for corruption and inefficiency.

Running for President of Suriname, Maya faces numerous challenges, including deeply-rooted corruption in the country’s political system. Nevertheless, she has garnered strong support within Suriname and hopes to bring about positive change by setting an example for the world through Bitcoin adoption and transparency. With resilience, determination, and the backing of the international Bitcoin community, Maya Parbhoe aims to transform Suriname and combat corruption through innovation and progress.

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