Mendi Finance

Mendi Finance Takes the Lead in Leveraged Restaking Strategies

Mendi Finance, a leading platform in the crypto world, utilizes cutting-edge strategies to optimize staking rewards. Factors such as liquidity management and whale impact analysis play a crucial role in determining the risks involved. One popular technique gaining traction in the crypto sphere is leveraged restaking, which enables users to not only earn leveraged staking […]


Warning: 6% of Bitcoin Nodes at Risk of Exploits Due to Outdated Software, Reports

Bitcoin Core developers have disclosed 10 vulnerabilities affecting older software versions, according to a report by Bitcoin Optech. These vulnerabilities, fixed in recent releases, could have exposed nodes running outdated Bitcoin Core versions to various attacks. The disclosure of these vulnerabilities is significant as Bitcoin Core developers have recently introduced a new security disclosure policy […]


Avalanche Faces Slashing Issues as MoonBag Tokens Surge with 88% APY—Act Fast to Get Your MBAG Coins!

MoonBag (MBAG) is a standout opportunity in the world of blockchain platforms, offering exceptional benefits that go beyond the usual expectations. With a presale Stage 7 currently ongoing, investors can enjoy an impressive 88% APY on staked coins. While platforms like Avalanche have their merits, they face limitations like the lack of a slashing mechanism […]


Anticipated Surge: Dogecoin Price Projections Point to $0.30 – Here’s What to Watch For

Whales quickly accumulated 60 million DOGE during a short market correction, signaling strong investor interest. Analysts HornHairs and Kaleo are foreseeing robust future rallies for Dogecoin, potentially leading to significant price surges. Amidst a temporary correction affecting major crypto exchanges, whales swiftly gathered cryptocurrencies at discounted rates, specifically Dogecoin (DOGE), the prominent memecoin. Via a […]

P2E Gamefi

Advanced Risk Management Strategies for Trading Ethereum and Forex

As a top crypto news site editor from, it is essential to understand the importance of risk management in trading. Whether you are trading Ethereum or Forex, it is crucial to implement risk management principles to protect your capital and maximize profits. This article discusses various risk management techniques suitable for trading in Ethereum […]


Terraform Labs Receives Approval to Resume Shuttle Operations, Plans to Burn 125 Million LUNA Tokens

Terraform Labs (TFL), currently undergoing bankruptcy proceedings, has received a court order authorizing several important actions for the troubled crypto company. TFL, held liable for defrauding investors and causing losses of around $40 billion due to the collapse of its TerraUSD and LUNA tokens in 2022, is working to address critical aspects of its operations […]


Shiba Inu (SHIB) on Track to Erase a Zero with $0.00002 Price Target, While Mpeppe (MPEPE) Emerges as Promising Investment Opportunity with 500% Growth Potential

The crypto community is abuzz with Shiba Inu’s recent performance and its potential for significant gains. With SHIB poised for a bullish breakout, investors are buzzing with excitement. At the same time, Mpeppe (MPEPE) is gaining attention for its explosive growth potential as an alternative to established meme coins. Let’s take a closer look at […]

P2E Gamefi Poses a Rising Menace to Democracy

In a heated US political climate, financial analyst Michael A. Gayed recently stated that the increasing national debt, now exceeding $35 trillion, poses a more significant threat to democracy than political leadership. Gayed highlights that the rate of debt growth surpasses both tax revenues and inflation, leading to a fragile fiscal environment. The US federal […]

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