Roaring Kitty under ETrade Ban Amid 48% Surge in GameStop Holdings: Investigation

Roaring Kitty Faces ETrade Ban as GameStop Holdings Surge 48%: Report

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Wall Street Journal reports that Keith Gill, also known as Roaring Kitty, may be removed from ETrade, a leading retail stock trading platform. ETrade, owned by Morgan Stanley, is reportedly concerned about potential stock manipulation surrounding Gill’s recent purchases of GameStop stock. As Gill resurfaced on social media platforms like Reddit and Twitter, the market responded with a surge in GameStop stock prices, leading to significant gains and losses for investors.

The latest update from Roaring Kitty shows a substantial increase in value, further fueling the ongoing frenzy surrounding meme stocks like GameStop. Morgan Stanley is closely monitoring the situation, considering taking action against Gill, although they are wary of the potential backlash from his followers. Keep up with the latest developments by subscribing to our newsletter for daily news updates, features, podcasts, and more!

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