Exclusive Presale Discount for Affiliates: WEEX Unveils WXT Token with 30% Off for Invitation Points

WEEX Launches WXT Presale: Affiliates Can Purchase at a 30% Discount with Invitation Points

WEEX, the futures-friendly trading platform, is set to launch its global ecosystem incentive token, WEEX WXT Presale, starting with the WXT “Ribbon-Cutting Event” on June 1st, 2024. Affiliates can join the WXT Presale by inviting new users to register and earning points based on their activity. Affiliates can subscribe to WXT at a 30% discount at the end of the first-round of the presale based on their total points. New users, on the other hand, can participate in the WXT “Ribbon-Cutting Event” by completing various tasks to receive free WEEX WXT airdrops. Existing users of WEEX can also participate in daily platform activities to receive free WEEX WXT airdrops and engage in trade mining and other TGE events. The goal of the Presale campaign is to incentivize affiliates to invite more users to join WEEX by offering WXT at a discounted price. Furthermore, the launch of the WXT platform token symbolizes a significant growth milestone for WEEX, aiming to expand its network of affiliates and use external resources to enhance its competitiveness in the global market.

For more information, visit the WEEX Official Website:
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