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‘Walking Dead’ and ‘Summoner’s War’ Set to Premiere on Oasys Network, Reveals Exclusive Report from CryptoChronicle.xyz

The latest announcement from South Korean gaming studio Com2uS reveals its plan to launch its own Layer 2 (L2) gaming blockchain, called “XPLA Verse,” on the Oasys network. This launch will introduce two popular games, The Walking Dead and Summoner’s War.

This move is significant as mainstream studios are increasingly showing interest in Web3 gaming, allowing players to have ownership of their digital assets within games, including in-game items. The adoption of blockchain technology could also revitalize older titles like Summoner’s War, which was initially released in 2014.

The Oasys network focuses on video gaming, offering a Layer 1 (L1) network called the “Hub Layer” and an EVM-compatible scaling solution known as the “Verse Layer.” As for Com2uS, the company is well-known for being the first to develop and service a mobile game in South Korea, aiming to excel in the gaming, blockchain, and metaverse realms.

Other games on the Oasys network include Champions Tactics Grimoria Chronicles by Ubisoft and titles from DoubleJump Tokyo like My Crypto Heroes and Battle of Three Kingdoms. Com2uS expressed their global market strategy and dedication to innovation, emphasizing their long-standing industry presence.

The games featured on Oasys, such as Summoner’s War: Chronicles and The Walking Dead: All-Stars, offer immersive gameplay experiences with unique settings and engaging storylines. These games have garnered attention at events like New York Comic Con 2022 and Pax West 2022.

Looking at the bigger picture, a recent study by the Blockchain Game Alliance indicates a growing belief among respondents that web2 game studios will drive the blockchain industry forward. With more than half expecting a substantial adoption rate of blockchain technology in the gaming sector, onboarding remains a key challenge as identified by 55.1% of respondents.

For more details, you can find the original article on BitPinas titled ‘Walking Dead’, ‘Summoner’s War’ To Debut on Oasys Network.

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