Decoding Walton’s Poetry: A Deeper Dive into Cryptocurrency News

This article is highlighted in Bitcoin Magazine’s “The Inscription Issue.” To subscribe to the Annual Bitcoin Magazine Subscription, click here.A new inscriptionA Bitcoin script illuminatedShowing how it can be executedOn our nodes, it was initiatedIs it fading away?What is the essence?It’s not an OP RECURMaybe we can gain knowledge.So it’s like a message you’re craftingLike my girl, unique & takenWhat awakened this entityDecentralization must be embracedCensorship-proof, code is unchainedImmutable bits, unblemishedI prefer physical art playingThus on-chain, like djangoFor me, BTC prevailsNo need for BRC20Always updated, need more powerReally, what’s the point of stamps?

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Ordinal enthusiasts, scarce sat huntersCrypto kitties, rare feline enthusiastsBRC-20 causing mempool congestionSophon’s out so no longer leadingAn open network, Bitcoin standsFor every individual, it cares not for fameIt does not distinguish, rules remain the sameHuman behavior is complex to controlVerifiable history, a data machineBitcoin’s future exceeds the fax machineSo raise a glass of Krug, friendNoble, full throttle, accumulate, plan.How you transact, you have reasonsDo it on bitcoin, there for all seasonsIt’s here to stay, cozy, four seasonsIf the fee you pay, no need for more reasons.Many sought to profitNo heroes, false prophetsOnly I determine my destinyOnly one cut, no sutures neededOffer me inferior coins, I decline easilyFocus on training chest, effortlessly declineAlways exploring, multisig and co-signWhen it’s time for a child, that’s Obs and Gyn.Always evolving, trigger the motion sensorNew pool emerging, shift to Ocean, censorSpam that’s evident, genuine devotionPump new liquidity like lotion dispenserInspired by logic, only God can judgeEverything’s clear, except her smudged lipstick.I’m not a whale, can’t make a grand showCall me WALTON, I’m the bitcoin poet.This article is featured in Bitcoin Magazine’s “The Inscription Issue.” To subscribe to the Annual Bitcoin Magazine Subscription, click here.

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