Exclusive Coverage: Binance Welcomes Top100Token to Newborn Tokens List

WARNING: The following list is provided for educational purposes only. It is recommended to only trade blue-chip cryptocurrencies that align with your personal, financial, and jurisdictional requirements. Here is a list of recently created liquidity pools on the Binance chain. The results have been checked for honeypots and scams, but it is always advisable to do your own research (DYOR).

Latest Signalled Trending

Name Age 1h% 24h% TXN 1h Vol 1h TXN 24h Vol 24h Today’s Viral Level = LightGreen Liquidity Social

PESHICOIN PESHI 25min 143.15% 143.15% 395 $8,475 395 $8,475 $0.077062 $3,349

Elon Elon 36min 309.75% 309.75% 28 $35,841 28 $35,841 $0.046127 $49,910

Pepe DAO PEPED 43min 16.45% 16.45% 22 $2,986 22 $2,986 $0.0007687 $13,478

… (continued list of liquidity pools)

Please note that this list is for educational purposes only. Trade wisely and do your own research before investing in any cryptocurrency.

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