University of Austin Teams Up with Unchained to Secure $5 Million for Bitcoin Endowment

Unchained and the University of Austin (UATX) have joined forces in a groundbreaking initiative to incorporate Bitcoin into the University’s long-term endowment. This partnership aims to raise $5 million in Bitcoin for the University’s endowment, with a commitment to hold the BTC for a minimum of five years. The funds will be securely managed by Unchained, a leading Bitcoin financial services provider known for its multisig Bitcoin vaults.

Joseph Kelly, CEO and co-founder of Unchained, expressed his enthusiasm for UATX’s vision and values, personally donating 2 BTC to kickstart the campaign. The collaboration between Unchained and the University of Austin will not only establish the first long-term endowment fund in Bitcoin but also facilitate joint efforts to bridge UATX with the broader Bitcoin community. This includes planned activities such as joint marketing campaigns, events, guest lectures, and debates.

Thomas Hogan, incoming Associate Professor at the Center for Economics, Politics, and History, highlighted the unique opportunity Bitcoin offers in advancing UATX’s mission to educate future leaders and innovators. Unchained, with over $6 billion in Bitcoin under management, will ensure the security of the endowment funds through its collaborative custody model.

This partnership signifies the commitment of both UATX and the Bitcoin community to building institutions for the future, free from censorship and centralized control. By choosing Unchained as a partner, the University acknowledges Bitcoin’s role as a technology that upholds freedom. This collaboration marks a significant step towards integrating Bitcoin into academia and finance.

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