New Study Confirms Bitcoin Enthusiasts are Not Psychopaths, Reveals

Bitcoin Enthusiasts Are ‘Not Psychopaths’, New Research Concludes

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According to a new study conducted by Canadian researchers, Bitcoin investors are shown to have high financial literacy and a stable emotional profile. Stefano Di Domenico, a behavioral scientist at the University of Toronto, shared some preliminary findings at the Canadian Bitcoin Conference, highlighting the positive traits of Bitcoin investors.

Contrary to common stereotypes of Bitcoin investors as irresponsible “crypto bros,” the study found that Bitcoiners tend to be intellectually curious and value personal growth, relationships, and community over material possessions.

The study, which is still undergoing peer review, surveyed Canadian retail crypto investors and aimed to dispel misconceptions about the demographic. The early results indicate that Bitcoin investors exhibit traits that are at odds with previous studies that labeled them as “psychopaths.”

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