Chainlink and Circle Forge New Partnership in Groundbreaking Collaboration Initiative

Chainlink and Circle Partner Collaboration to Enhance Developer Usage of Stablecoins

Chainlink and Circle Partner have joined forces to improve the developer utilization of USD Coin and Euro Coin. This new partnership will combine Chainlink’s top-quality services for tokenized assets with Circle Partner’s developer platform. Chainlink, the leading decentralized computing platform, has teamed up with Circle Path, a pioneering international fintech organization.

Working towards enhancing stablecoin utility for enterprise establishments, Chainlink and Circle Path will provide educational support to developers on Circle’s programmable wallets and smart contract ecosystem. Developers will gain a comprehensive understanding of Chainlink’s flagship programs like CCIP, Proof of Reserve, and Data feeds. Over the past two and a half years, Chainlink price oracles facilitated a transaction volume of $1.3 trillion. The secure cross-chain transfer capability of Chainlink as a decentralized computing mechanism is a key feature that will benefit tech innovators focused on digital financial services.

The collaboration between Chainlink and Circle Partner will unleash new possibilities and capabilities for the decentralized finance industry. Recognizing the importance of enhancing the utility of USDC and EURC through Chainlink services, the top management of both companies is committed to enhancing tokenized asset lifecycles. Circle Partner’s system utilizes digital currencies and public blockchain networks, offering liquid and interoperable money protocols through its premium products, USDC and EURC.

Circle Partner’s open platform and application programming interfaces enable global businesses to conduct international transactions, develop universally accessible web3 apps, and manage internal treasury operations. Enterprises and decentralized finance developer communities using EURC and USDC will benefit from the Circle Partner platform. Chainlink, working as a crypto asset to incentivize a global computer network, is a driving force in the decentralized finance marketplace.

The Chainlink CCTP protocol has diverse application areas including token transfers, decentralized finance, and gaming. As a platform that connects existing mechanisms to any private or public blockchain, Chainlink is well-known in the crypto world. The recent collaboration was announced by Circle Partner on its official account and a detailed explanation was provided in their blog post. This new partnership is poised to strengthen the digital financial services industry and empower developers to create future-proof applications for the crypto market.

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