Surge in Aptos Transactions Linked to Growing Popularity of Tickle-To-Earn Digital Cat Game

According to data from Aptoscan, transactions on the layer 1 blockchain Aptos on May 24 and 25, 2024, reached 90 million and 115 million, respectively.

This record surpassed Solana’s 31.7 million transactions on the same day and nearly doubled the record held by Sui Network, with 65 million transactions. Solana is well-known for its high daily transaction volume.

The reason for this sudden increase in transactions could be attributed to the introduction of Tapos.

Tapos was officially launched on May 23 as part of the Aptos Network. It is a tickle-to-earn game where players can earn tokens by tapping the screen and interacting with a virtual cat to complete tasks and earn $HEART tokens.

In addition to the Tapos app, the game is also available as a Telegram-based bot within the Aptos ecosystem, offering a simple and secure way to earn tokens. The game has gained popularity quickly since its launch.

Since the introduction of Tapos, there has been a surge in transactions on the Aptos Blockchain. The game recently concluded a three-day campaign where users could earn rewards by interacting with the virtual cat. The team behind Tapos clarified that these transactions are significant and demonstrate the scalability of the Aptos Network.

Despite the conclusion of the $HEART campaign, Tapos has hinted at hosting more games in the future, providing more opportunities for users to earn rewards and increase transactions on the blockchain.

To participate in future games hosted by Tapos, users can follow a few simple steps outlined on the website or Telegram bot associated with the game. It only requires a small amount of APT to join and start earning rewards.

The surge in transactions caused by Tapos has garnered attention from the cryptocurrency community and has demonstrated the potential for blockchain-based games like Tapos to drive engagement and activity on cryptocurrency networks.

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