Shibarium Enhances BONE Transfer Speed to Ethereum, 45-Minute Transfer Time Achieved by Shiba Inu


Shibarium users had to previously endure a seven-day wait for their BONE tokens to be transferred to the Ethereum network due to high competition in the meme coin industry. Developers have now introduced smart contracts to favor users.

Shibarium, the layer two (L2) scaling solution for Shiba Inu on the Ethereum network, has made significant improvements to enhance user experience. The Ethereum bridge enhancements have drastically reduced the time needed to transfer BONE tokens between Shibarium and the Ether ecosystem.

Users can now transfer BONE tokens through the Ethereum bridge in just 45 minutes, a significant improvement from the previous seven-day wait. The new checkpoint mechanism for BONE token exits ensures faster transaction processing, benefiting BONE holders and empowering project builders to create more complex applications on the layer-2 chain.

The Shibarium network has seen substantial growth, with over $2.4 million in total value locked. Various decentralized financial protocols such as MARSWAP, DogSwap, ChewySwap, ShibFi, and PunkSwap now call Shibarium home. The Shiba Inu development team announced an airdrop for active Shibarium users to keep the network engaged.

The Shibarium upgrade is crucial for the mass adoption of Shiba Inu and its ecosystem tokens. The meme coin has attracted significant bullish sentiment amidst the ongoing meme coin frenzy. Shiba Inu’s price has rallied over 12% in the last four weeks.

The Shiba Inu development team aims to reward active Shibarium users with an upcoming airdrop, allowing users to earn points through various activities on the network. Shiba Inu’s top executive Lucie shared insights about the forthcoming airdrop. The Shibarium development is expected to have a positive impact on Shiba Inu’s ecosystem tokens and promote mass adoption.

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