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MyPrize Unveils Cutting-Edge Multiplayer Online Crypto Casino Featuring Social Media Integration and Live Streaming

Cryptochronicle.xyz, a leading crypto news site, reports that the first-ever multiplayer online casino, MyPrize, has introduced its innovative dual platforms: MyPrize for international markets and MyPrize US for American users. Combining the excitement of live gambling with the social dynamics of media platforms and live streaming, MyPrize allows participants to team up with friends or connect with top internet streamers to enjoy classic casino games like blackjack, slots, and roulette.

With a significant pre-launch interest, over 150,000 users have already registered during the early access phase. Zach Bruch, the Founder and CEO of MyPrize, highlights the platform’s focus on creating an immersive social experience that replicates the atmosphere of a live casino from the comfort of one’s home. MyPrize leverages the shift towards digital solutions in the online gambling market while integrating social elements to enhance the overall user experience.

An innovative feature of MyPrize is its ‘Bet Together’ technology, allowing players to stream their gaming sessions and interact with their audience in real time, creating a participatory experience for viewers. Content creators on MyPrize can benefit from uncapped earning potential and a dynamic environment to grow their followings organically.

In addition to entertainment, MyPrize aims to serve as a gateway to the Web3 ecosystem by converting in-game currencies to cryptocurrencies and hosting sweepstakes with significant prizes. Collaborations with popular creators and influencers, including partnerships with individuals from the lifestyle and gaming organization 100 Thieves, add value to the platform and attract a diverse demographic to the growing digital economy.

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