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FSL Unveils Innovative Move-to-Earn Concept with Launch of STEPN Go and Sneaker Airdrop for $GMT Community, Reports Cryptochronicle.xyz

Cryptochronicle.xyz editor reports that FindSatoshi Lab (FSL), the developer of the popular move-to-earn game Stepn, has recently launched a new social lifestyle game called Stepn Go. They have also announced a giveaway of STEPN Go Sneakers to 6,000 random $GMT holders, which is FSL’s ecosystem token.

The Stepn Go game aims to enhance users’ lifestyles by incorporating social elements in a gamified approach, allowing users to earn rewards while on their fitness journey. FSL clarified that although there are similarities between STEPN and STEPN Go, they are distinct applications that serve unique yet complementary purposes within the ecosystem.

The new features of STEP Go include the “Haus System,” which allows users to borrow NFT sneakers and earn rewards, as well as a utility token called $GGT for upgrading in-game items. In-app drops can be facilitated with FSL ID, making it easy to start playing. The game also introduces a Mystery Box feature, where users with high-quality sneakers can earn rewards.

Other features of Stepn Go include a 3D Avatar customization, Player-vs-Player mode, and social elements like Interactive Map Visibility, Chat Box, Running Invitations, and Friendship and Communication features.

The Stepn Go Airdrop will utilize the Genesis Sneaker System from STEPN, with a pool of 20,000 sneakers. The Alpha Draw Campaign will give away 6,000 sneakers for the Alpha Testing phase of the app. Users can participate in the campaign by obtaining tickets through time-locking $GMT and participating in Alpha Draw rounds.

In terms of airdrops, FSL has hosted Stepn airdrop campaigns in the past, rewarding users on various occasions. Users can also participate in contests on X and Discord for a chance to win sneakers. The article also includes a disclaimer and information about BitPinas providing content for informational purposes only.

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