Bitget’s Newly Appointed CEO Gracy Chen Sets Sights on Global Expansion Strategy

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Bitget recently announced the appointment of Gracy Chen as its new CEO, effective May 2024. Chen, who spearheaded Bitget’s Blockchain4Her initiative, succeeds Sandra Lou, another female leader. The exchange highlighted Chen’s decade of experience in business management, marketing, and investment.

Appointment as CEO

“I’m extremely honored to step into the role of CEO at Bitget. Over the past six years, with the robust foundation we’ve built and an incredible team by my side, Bitget has transformed into a leading crypto platform. By consistently innovating in product offerings and creating value for our 25 million users, Bitget has risen to become a top 5 futures trading platform and a top 10 spot trading platform.” – Gracy Chen, CEO, Bitget

She added that she looks forward to shaping the digital finance industry. “It is a privilege to lead such a dynamic group, and I can’t wait to steer our global expansion to new heights!”

Gracy Chen, managing director of Bitget, speaks during the TOKEN2049 in Singapore, on Wednesday, on Sept. 28, 2022. The cryptocurrency event runs through Sept. 29. Photographer: Edwin Koo/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Moreover, it was emphasized that Chen is dedicated to promoting a diverse and inclusive crypto industry. In May 2023, she launched the #Blockchain4Youth campaign, collaborating with over 50 educational institutions to promote web3 adoption among young people. She also initiated the #Blockchain4Her campaign to ensure gender diversity in the blockchain sector.

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Chen added that looking forward, Bitget aims to strengthen its ecosystem through strategic investments like the Bitget Web3 Fund and EmpowerX Fund, support spot crypto exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and introduce innovations like the Bitget Card. These efforts reflect Bitget’s commitment to long-term growth and mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency.

“In the long run, it’s clear that the crypto industry is poised to keep on thriving. Whether it’s Bitcoin’s price, more talent moving into the space, more innovative projects being built, or increasing levels of mass adoption and traditional finance industry integration, the industry is only getting bigger.” – Gracy Chen, CEO, Bitget

Women in Blockchain

In an interview with Cointelegraph, Chen discussed being the only female CEO of a top crypto exchange and the unique insights she brings to the industry. She stated she believes women business leaders bring a collaborative approach, crucial in the crypto and web3 space.

Chen emphasized her priorities, including ensuring compliance across various regions, fostering growth in emerging markets, and supporting women-focused initiatives like mentorship programs and networking events to empower women and youth in the crypto industry.

“Over 50% of managerial positions at Bitget are held by women. We encourage more emphasis on women-led initiatives. Bitget is living proof of the growth women-led companies can achieve.” – Gracy Chen, CEO, Bitget

She also mentioned the upcoming launch of an incubation program for female entrepreneurs to pitch their innovations and secure potential investments. Prominent female figures such as Tess Hau, Yevheniia Broshevan, and Cecilia Hsueh have joined the Blockchain4Her Ambassador Program to support this initiative.

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Who is Gracy Chen?

Gracy Chen shared her story and vision in an open letter.

According to her, she was raised by a single mother. After studying Applied Mathematics in Singapore, she became a TV host for a finance and tech show, where she discovered her interest in crypto in 2015. She invested in major cryptocurrencies and startups like BitKeep (now Bitget Wallet).

She later co-founded two startups and earned an MBA from MIT. In 2022, she joined Bitget as Managing Director, helping it grow to 25 million users.

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