Vincent D’Onofrio and Laurence Fuller delve into “No Fear, No Greed, No Envy” and the intersection of art and Bitcoin

In this interview, renowned actors and artists Vincent D’Onofrio and Laurence Fuller discuss the creative process behind their artwork ‘No Fear, No Greed, No Envy’ as part of the Graphite Method initiative. This work combines film history, digital art, and poetic expression, captured as a Bitcoin Inscription. The unique aspect of this artwork is that the frame of the triptych and the accompanying word poem change daily at 19:19 UTC.

‘No Fear, No Greed, No Envy’ is inspired by a historic concept related to cinema, art, and poetry, aiming to make a statement on the evolving technologies of our time through the Bitcoin blockchain. The piece evolved from discussions about the triptych format throughout art history, the limitations of file size for Bitcoin, and the idea of creating a dynamic piece that changes over time. The artwork references the stories of Charlie Chaplin, Marie Pickford, and Douglas Fairbanks in a dreamlike reimagining of cinema history, with a commentary on the advent of AI.

The collaboration between Vincent and Laurence began after Vincent discovered Laurence’s poetry pieces on Twitter, leading them to establish Graphite Method. Drawing inspiration from their acting experience, the duo explores the fusion of cinematic poetry with digital art, pushing the boundaries of storytelling and technology. Through their work, they aim to evoke a visceral, immersive experience that combines visuals, symbols, and poetry.

The artists’ project draws parallels to early cinema, reflecting on the changing values and ethics surrounding the emergence of AI. By addressing ethical questions raised by modern digital technologies, they highlight the transformative power of art in shaping societal narratives. The artwork challenges viewers to consider the implications of technological advancements on human expression and creativity.

By working within the file size limitations of Bitcoin, the artists were able to craft a unique piece that leverages still images and a moving word to convey a story. This constraint inspired a focus on the early days of cinema and the innovations born out of necessity, much like Chaplin’s ingenuity in overcoming technological constraints.

Ultimately, Vincent and Laurence hope that viewers will engage with their work on both artistic and technological levels, finding meaning in the evolving story told through the triptych and word poem. Through their exploration of ordinal-based art, they invite other artists and collectors to consider the history and evolution of art in the digital age, opening up endless possibilities for creative expression.

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