Web3 Game Pixels: Exploring the Presence of Filipino Players

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As per the co-founder of Sky Mavis, Jeffrey “Jihoz” Zirlin, most players of the web3 game Pixels are from the Philippines. Zirlin also mentioned the growth of other games on the Ronin blockchain.

Pixels Player base

After migrating to Ronin eight months ago, Pixels now has over 1 million daily active users (DAU) and 2.8 million monthly active users (MAU).

Zirlin estimates that Filipino players make up around 30% of the Pixels player base. Data from SimilarWeb in February indicates that over 20% of the traffic to the Pixels Online website comes from the Philippines. The interview with Zirlin was conducted in early May.

Earlier this year, Pixels achieved a milestone with 170,000 DAUs. Zirlin emphasized the increase in users since moving to the Ronin Network, specifically pointing out 82,000 active Filipino players in a single day.

These statistics were corroborated by a post from X Gaming Growth Strategist and Axie Infinity & Pixels Analyst Daryl.ron, who revealed that Pixels had 18 million website visitors last month, with the Southeast Asia region leading in traffic contribution. He also noted an 80% increase in momentum in the Thailand market.

In January, the Philippines led in player engagement with Pixels, which conducted a significant airdrop targeting players and Ronin blockchain stakers at that time.

Zirlin mentioned that players spent approximately $1.2 million in the game over the last month.

According to an analysis by web3 analytics platform Games Lab Analytics, engagement spikes on X correlated with increases in the trading volume of the PIXEL Token and subsequent price movements. Live-streaming strategies were identified as the catalyst for these spikes, suggesting that community engagement preceded token price action.

Pixels is a free-to-play MMORPG featuring activities like farming and land ownership. It migrated to the Ronin Blockchain in September last year to leverage lower gas fees and receive support from Sky Mavis, including access to the Mavis Hub distribution platform.

Pixels Chapter 2

Pixels is set to launch its Chapter 2 updates soon, bringing significant changes such as revamped resource generation, the introduction of guilds and dungeons, and a new resource tiering system.

Resource generation will now be linked to each land, with a global cap on daily resources. Crafting will feature personal crafting stations, allowing multi-crafting and queuing of different recipes, with upgrades available via skills or PIXEL tokens. Resources and crafting recipes will be organized into a five-tier model, with tools progressing in tiers and having durability.

New types of free-to-play land will be added, enabling non-landowners to progress through lower-tier resources and upgrade their own specs. NFT Lands will provide access to premium resources.

Zirlin also mentioned recent developments with other leading games on the Ronin blockchain, including Kaidro and Axie Infinity.

Kaidro recently had its largest free mint, attracting over 346,000 unique wallets and facilitating over 100,000 new Ronin Wallet installations. Additionally, its Spark Suits and Kaidro Journals are popular collections on the Mavis Market.

Axie Infinity experienced rapid growth, with 60,000 unique users engaging in the daily bounty board since its launch, reaching a record 48,300 participants last week, and boasting 160,000 monthly active users. Revenue to the treasury surged to $276,000 in the last month, up from $189,000 the previous month.

Zirlin expressed excitement about the upcoming release of Ragnarok: Monster World on Ronin, scheduled for the third quarter of 2024.

Other games on the Ronin blockchain include Apeiron, The Machines Arena, and Wild Forest.

For more updates, you can visit the article on BitPinas here: Pixels Achieves 1 Million Daily Users, 30% from the Philippines.

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