Rivalz Network Unveils Intel Incentivized Testnet in Major Milestone for Crypto Community

, Rivalz Network launches it’s  Intel Incentivized Testnet

As reported by, Rivalz Network, supported by prominent investors like Delphi Ventures, Zee Prime, Stakewithus, Cogitent Ventures, D1, M6, 4RC, and GSR, is establishing the groundwork for the AI web3 landscape through their DePIN-based AI Intel Layer.
Rivalz is thrilled to reveal the commencement of its Intel Incentivized Testnet Event starting on Friday, May 24th.
During this event, participants can actively engage in the introduction of Rivalz’s decentralized node infrastructure, gather points from various activities, and receive rewards based on their overall involvement with the Rivalz Testnet.

Rivalz Testnet Points and Airdrop

Participants in the “Rivalz Intel Testnet” event have the opportunity to earn Testnet Points. These points will directly determine the Rivalz $RIZ airdrop scheduled for Q3 2024. Additional rewards will be given for high positions on the leaderboard.

Users can accrue Testnet points by running Light rClients, contributing core data storage and processing facilities to the network, completing social challenges, and participating in daily mints of Fragmentz, which are crucial for receiving discounts on the node sale whitelist.

Quote from Igor, CEO of Rivalz Network
“The Initiating Intel Testnet is the first step we’re taking in the journey towards rolling out our AI DePIN. Our AI Intel Layer is set to become the connectivity core for the future of web3 x AI.”
Rivalz – Constructing the First AI Intel Layer

The AI Intel Layer serves as an essential part of the infrastructure for web3 modular AI applications. Rivalz functions as a Dymension EVM-RollApp with Celestia DA and incorporates a DePIN, comprised of Light rClients and Validator zNodes.

The Rivalz DePIN is a decentralized P2P node network that utilizes advanced encryption algorithms for secure data handling and blind computation for external data access. Its focus is on ensuring compliant and validated data storage, private access to data using FHE, and providing validated and trustless data streams for AI.

rClient [Already available on Testnet] allows users to contribute data space and limited compute from their devices. Validator zNodes serve as a settlement solution for the inflows and outflows of Data from the DePIN Layer, to be sold via the zNode Key Licence Sale.

$RIZ will serve as the native token for Rivalz, covering transaction fees, coordinating worker and validator nodes, maintaining network security, rewarding users for valuable data, powering AI applications, and enabling holders to participate in governance decisions.

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