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Imaginary Ones and HUGO Make Waves with New Web3 Customizable Denim Jackets

Imaginary Ones, a leading player in Web3 entertainment, has teamed up with fashion brand HUGO to unveil an innovative denim jacket featuring customizable Web3 elements. This cutting-edge product is part of the new HUGO BLUE line, specifically designed to appeal to Gen-Z consumers through interactive platforms such as gaming and the Metaverse.
The announcement of the release was initially made to the Imaginary Ones community via Discord and X on March 12. Subsequently, on March 14, community members were able to reserve the jacket using Tether’s USDT currency. Demand was incredibly high, with all jackets being reserved within just one hour of their launch.
Each special-edition jacket comes equipped with a DIY customization kit, comprising of five unique patches from both HUGO and Imaginary Ones. An exciting feature of the jacket is the NFC tag hidden beneath the HUGO flower patch. This tag enables users to unlock a WebAR-powered experience, allowing them to personalize their digital wearables and seamlessly showcase them on social platforms without the need for a separate app.
Notably, owners of the jacket are entitled to exclusive digital benefits. They can redeem a unique skin for the popular game Roblox, accessible only through a secret bubble room within the game. Furthermore, players can also obtain a matching helmet within the same room.
Upon completion of the customization and redemption process, jacket owners receive $350 worth of Imaginary Ones’ native cryptocurrency, BUBBLE Coin. Moreover, NFT holders within the Imaginary Ones community are rewarded with a bonus of 10-30% more BUBBLE Coin for each NFT in their possession.
Clement Chia, CEO of Imaginary Ones, underscores the brand’s dedication to providing distinctive and captivating user experiences. He emphasizes the significance of collaborating with forward-thinking brands like HUGO to create memorable and standout experiences in the digital realm.
In 2023, Imaginary Ones expanded its presence in the web3 gaming sector by launching two games, Bubble Rider and Bubble Rangers, both featuring in-game NFTs. Of these, Bubble Rangers has proven to be a hit, surpassing 2 million downloads.
The collaboration with HUGO comes on the heels of Imaginary Ones partnering with Web3 venture capital firm Animoca Brands, with the aim of refining the company’s tokenomics and strengthening its market entry approach by leveraging Animoca’s wealth of expertise and resources.

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