Horizen Labs Unveils Innovative zkVerify Feature for AlexaBlockchain

Horizen Labs, the development studio behind the modular Horizen Network, has launched “zkVerify” – a new modular blockchain focused on zk proof verification, specifically designed for settlement optimization.

zkVerify addresses the significant expense that zkRollups and zkApps currently encounter. Ethereum and Bitcoin L2s struggle with high proof verification costs, especially with zk-rollup architectures, which limit scalability and efficiency.

zkVerify is the most efficient zk modular solution for the settlement layer, separating proof verification from settlement on L1s, reducing security costs and enhancing scalability for blockchain networks. It can cut proof verification costs by up to 91% for Ethereum and Bitcoin L2s, potentially saving zkrollups over $42.8 million in 2023 alone.

Leading zkrollups like Gevulot, Caldera, and Gateway are early adopters benefiting from zkVerify for proof verification.

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