Vitalik Buterin Proposes Zero-Knowledge Links for Farcaster, Says Editor

Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, has endorsed the use of zero-knowledge (ZK) technology for “likes” on Farcaster, an Ethereum-based decentralized social media protocol.

This suggestion came in response to an announcement by X engineer Haofei, revealing that user likes on X will be private. Buterin argued that this approach would address the issue of “preference falsification,” when individuals conceal their true preferences due to social pressure.

ZK technology, a cryptographic method, allows users to prove they liked a post without revealing their identity, thereby preserving privacy. Buterin recommended using ZK technology from Zupoll, a tool developed for his Zuzalu decentralized city project. Zupoll enables anonymous voting and decision-making, aligning with Farcaster’s focus on user privacy, censorship resistance, and autonomy.

The post that inspired Buterin’s suggestion announced that X is making user likes private and explained that public likes incentivize “wrong behavior,” making people feel discouraged from liking the content they want. The community’s response to this decision was mixed, with some advocating for extending privacy measures to other features like the “Following” list. Others, like @WallStreetSilv, opposed the update, expressing concerns about the removal of critical engagement signals.

While changes on X have been met with criticism in the past, Buterin’s suggestion to implement ZK likes on Farcaster aligns with his broader efforts to enhance privacy and decentralization.

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