Impact of Federal Reserve Rate Decisions, U.S. Economy, and Inflation on Cryptocurrency Price Volatility Revealed in Latest Webcast

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The recent Bitcoin halving had unexpected effects on the market. Traditionally, halving events lead to a bullish market, but this year, prices dropped shortly after the halving.

To gain insights into the market’s performance, BitPinas Webcast featured Josep Lejarde, aka The Whizkid Trader, and Dell Omasas, Philippines Lead at ViaWallet and Coinex Wallet.

Lejarde, a certified analyst, shared his experience starting crypto trading at the age of 15. On the other hand, Omasas started trading in 2016 and focused on airdrops before joining Via BTC in 2020.

Lejarde explained that market downturns post-halving are common, and it takes time for prices to rise. Factors like interest rates, economic conditions, and geopolitical events influence market trends.

The relationship between the US economy and the crypto market is crucial. When the US dollar weakens, it favors crypto trading. Events like high inflation, low GDP, and unemployment rates impact market performance.

Lejarde recommended using the Elliott Wave Principle for efficient trading strategies. He also discussed market seasonality, emotional trading pitfalls, and the importance of setting loss limits.

In conclusion, Lejarde summarized key factors that influence crypto market performance and emphasized the importance of conducting due diligence before investing in cryptocurrencies.

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