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BlockDAG’s Dashboard Features Offer Potential 30,000x ROI, Toncoin (TON) Price Soars as Stacks Crypto Announces Partnership

“What crypto to invest in?” is a question that puzzles every crypto investor. To unravel this question, let’s explore three contenders – Toncoin, Stacks, and BlockDAG. TON is striving to outperform established cryptos like Bitcoin with an impressive 13% price surge. The Stacks crypto collaboration with a multi-asset company is expanding mainstream participation. 
BlockDAG is breaking numerous presale records with its feature-rich dashboard and low-code/no-code platform for smart contract development. Investors who engaged in the crypto’s Batch 1 presale have already witnessed a staggering 700% increase in their investment by the conclusion of the Batch 7 presale. 
Toncoin (TON) Price Achieves New Heights

Telegram Connected Open Network’s native token Toncoin is shining brightly in the crypto realm with a recent price surge and increasing social media following. The partnership between Telegram, a top messaging giant, and the Telegram Open Network has enabled TON to acquire a user base of 900 million. 
This expanding user pool has contributed to a 17% price jump in just 3 days. TON’s recent success amid a turbulent market demonstrates the token’s commitment to climbing to the top of the crypto hierarchy. Currently, Toncoin (TON) is experiencing a healthy 12% surge, with a price around $6.64. 

Stacks Crypto Collaboration with Uphold: A Positive Development!
Stacks, a blockchain tool that integrates dApps and smart contracts with Bitcoin, recently partnered with Uphold, a “multi-asset money platform.” Uphold facilitates “Anything-to-Anything” transactions, allowing users to trade between asset classes such as cryptos, products, equities, and more. 
The Stacks crypto partnership with Uphold will enable Upholders to trade and transfer STX across their Uphold accounts and external Stacks-compatible wallets. With users in over 184 countries, Uphold is set to boost the mainstream adoption of Stacks, ultimately bringing more applications to Bitcoin.

BlockDAG’s Impressive Dashboard: Early Investors Secure 700% Returns 
Raising over $28.5 million from the sale of over 9.2 billion BDAG coins, BlockDAG is getting closer to its goal of delivering a 30,000x ROI for investors by 2030. The ongoing crypto presale of the platform has already seen a 700% price surge, with the coin on track to reach $1 (from $0.001 in batch 1 of the presale) by year-end.
The magic of BlockDAG resides in its dashboard. The user-friendly interface allows users to monitor their activities and those of other investors. Real-time ROI generation on the dashboard enhances investor confidence and leads to a sustained surge in presale figures. 
The Leaderboard Page fosters a competitive spirit in the community, showcasing top purchasers in USD and assigning rankings based on investment amounts. As investors progress through newer presale batches, they climb higher ranks, encouraging more participation.
Users can check their rank on the Profile Page, view their recent transactions, and engage in live transactions. Additionally, BlockDAG offers a low-code/no-code smart contract platform, enabling developers without advanced coding skills to create and deploy smart contracts. Pre-built templates allow customization for various projects including NFTs, meme tokens, and utility tokens, fostering community engagement and success.
Unlike other cryptos like Stacks and Toncoin, BlockDAG emphasizes initiatives that make investing and mining accessible to all experience levels. This inclusive approach has resulted in one of the highest-performing presales in Cryptocurrency history. 
The Final Assessment
While Toncoin and Stacks have strengthened their positions with strategic partnerships, BlockDAG stands out as the platform making substantial waves in the crypto landscape. With a dashboard empowering investors to visualize their path to success, BlockDAG has already delivered a massive 700% surge for early presale participants. 
For instance, a $10,000 investment in BlockDAG during Batch 1 could yield $65,000 by Batch 7. The BlockDAG presale is currently in Batch 8. Seize this opportunity for a potential 30,000-fold ROI by 2030!

Invest in the BlockDAG Presale Now:
Presale: https://purchase.blockdag.network
Website: https://blockdag.network
Telegram: https://t.me/blockDAGnetwork
Discord: https://discord.gg/Q7BxghMVyu
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