Unraveling the Mystery of Gains Network: GNS Price Projections for 2024-2030

What is Gains Network? GNS Price prediction 2024, 2025, 2026 to 2030

Gains Network, a DeFi project, is working on gTrade, a decentralized leveraged trading platform that focuses on liquidity efficiency, low trading fees, and a variety of leverage and pairs for users. The ecosystem is centered around the ERC20 utility token, GNS, and ERC721 utility token, NFTs.
GNS plays a crucial role in the ecosystem by supporting liquidity efficiency in the DAI vault, acting as a backstop for traders, and contributing to the governance of the protocol.
With its unique features and approach to decentralized leveraged trading, analysts see significant growth potential for the GNS token in the coming years.
This article delves into Gains Network, its ecosystem, and the GNS token in detail, offering a potential price prediction for 2024 to 2030.
As of May 18, 2024, GNS is trading at $3.28 with a market cap of $111,183,072 USD.
About Gains Network
– Token: GNS
– Website: [](
– Contract Address: Polygon – 0xe5417af564e4bfda1c483642db72007871397896, Arbitrum – 0x18c11fd286c5ec11c3b683caa813b77f5163a122
– Market Cap: $111,183,072
– Fully Diluted Market Cap: $111,183,072
– Self-Reported Circulating Supply: 33,919,867 GNS
– Max Supply: 33,919,867 GNS
– Total Supply: 33,919,867 GNS
– Tags: Polygon Ecosystem, Arbitrum Ecosystem
– Rank: #442
– Buy GNS: Binance, GNS, Uniswap, Trader Joe
GNS Token Utility
The GNS token plays a critical role in the Gains Network ecosystem, enabling rewards for GNS/DAI LP providers, NFT bots, and affiliates, ensuring stability in the DAI vault. The token is also used as collateral in the gDAI vault and for governance in the protocol.
How gTrade Works
gTrade is a decentralized leveraged trading platform offering leverages of up to 150x on cryptos, 1000x on forex, 100x on stocks, and 35x on indices, with low fees and support for a wide range of pairs. Traders can use GNS and other tokens as collateral and benefit from tools like limit orders.
Benefits of Trading on Gains Network
Traders on Gains Network enjoy cost-effective trading fees, high leverage, a diverse selection of trading pairs, and increased capital efficiency. GNS holders can generate platform fees through staking, while NFT holders benefit from reduced spread and rewards.
How to buy GNS
GNS is listed on Binance, the recommended exchange to purchase GNS tokens. It is also available on Gains Network, Uniswap, and other platforms.
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