Predicting a Bright Future: Why (Cryptocurrency) Will Surpass Cardano and Cosmos by 2024

Investors are closely monitoring key levels and strategic partnerships in the crypto market to identify promising opportunities. Cosmos (ATOM) has recently seen a rebound of over 20% from its $7.26 support level, demonstrating resilience and a strong return on investment. Cardano is progressing through a partnership between EMURGO and GSR, with the goal of enhancing its ecosystem and potentially reaching $0.60 in the near future.
However, BlockDAG Network stands out due to its low-code/no-code smart contracts platform and upgraded dashboard. This combination of user-friendly accessibility and advanced technology positions BlockDAG as a top choice for investors looking for simplicity and robust blockchain solutions.
Investors should keep an eye on key levels for Cosmos:
Cosmos (ATOM) recently dropped below its $8.69 support level but then surged by more than 20% from $7.26. ATOM has shown impressive returns during the weekly trading session, outperforming the overall crypto market and other Layer-1 cryptocurrencies. With a growth of over 3.50% in the last seven days, Cosmos has proven its resilience.
Aiming to improve speed, scalability, and reduce environmental impact, Cosmos is an open-source blockchain network with an uncapped token supply of 390 million ATOM tokens in circulation and a market cap of $3.43 billion. Technical analysis indicates bullish momentum with strong support at $7.26 and a potential price target of $9.89.

Forecast for Cardano following the EMURGO & GSR partnership:
Cardano is making significant progress in the blockchain space through a new partnership between EMURGO and GSR. This collaboration seeks to leverage GSR’s liquidity to advance various Cardano projects, enhancing the blockchain ecosystem.
Furthermore, Cardano’s ongoing Project Catalyst campaign continues to support developers by funding innovative projects, with the latest round backing 192 initiatives. This momentum could drive the cryptocurrency towards $0.60 by the end of the week, possibly testing the crucial resistance level at $1. Conversely, in a bearish market sentiment, ADA’s price may drop to around $0.45.

BlockDAG’s innovative approach: Simple smart contracts and an enhanced dashboard
BlockDAG’s recent dashboard upgrade underscores its commitment to transparency and user empowerment. The new dashboard enables users to easily track their rank, transactions, and referral bonuses.
This user-friendly interface ensures that both experienced traders and newcomers can stay informed and maximize their earnings. By providing detailed transaction histories and convenient management of referral rewards, BlockDAG sets a new standard in the crypto industry.
In addition to the improved dashboard, BlockDAG is gaining attention for its low-code, no-code smart contracts platform. This approach democratizes blockchain development, enabling users without extensive coding skills to create and deploy smart contracts using pre-built templates for utility tokens, meme tokens, or NFTs. This feature reduces entry barriers, encouraging broader participation in the blockchain ecosystem.

The potential of BlockDAG’s low-code, no-code platform extends beyond individual projects. By making blockchain technology more accessible, BlockDAG is expected to attract a diverse range of developers and innovators, leading to a variety of applications that enhance the decentralized nature of the blockchain industry. As more users adopt BlockDAG’s platform, its ecosystem will expand, potentially driving significant development and creating a more dynamic crypto community.
In summary, while Cosmos and Cardano offer significant opportunities, BlockDAG Network emerges as the top investment choice. With strong performance from Cosmos and strategic collaborations fueling Cardano’s progress, BlockDAG’s low-code/no-code platform and intuitive dashboard provide unparalleled appeal.
For cutting-edge yet user-friendly blockchain solutions, investors should consider BlockDAG as a leader in the crypto space.

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