Is the Meme Coin Supercycle Over or Is a Liquidity Crisis Looming? Top Experts Analyze RoaringKitty’s Comeback

As reported by Cryptochronicle, the trader known as RoaringKitty made a comeback on social media after a nearly two-year hiatus on May 13. Keith Gill, the real identity behind RoaringKitty, is widely recognized for his role in the GameStop stock (GME) surge in late 2020. His return sparked a 147% jump in GME price in just 24 hours.

Following his return, Gill began sharing cryptic videos that caught the attention of key crypto investors like Ansem. This created a scenario, observed by trader EllioTrades, that hints at a potential ‘meme coin super cycle.’ Despite concerns from some crypto investors about traditional financial movements draining liquidity from the crypto market, experts like Eneko Knörr, CEO of Stabolut, believe that the crypto market is resilient enough to withstand such shifts.

Knörr emphasized the impact that influencers and key opinion leaders (KOL) like Max Keiser and Kris Marszalek, CEO of, have on the crypto industry. The interaction between RoaringKitty and influential crypto investors could potentially lead to a meme coin supercycle, further fueling the growth of both markets. The endorsement of prominent influencers can significantly boost the popularity of meme coins, which thrive on the enthusiasm of their followers.

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