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Navigating the World of Move Smart Contract Language: Your Essential Guide

In this article, I am excited to share my journey of learning Move. The goal is not to provide a comprehensive overview of the language but to offer a curated list of resources that can facilitate the onboarding process.

I was inspired to compile this list due to the scattered nature of valuable materials I found online. While some existing efforts like Awesome Move and Teach Yourself Move seemed outdated, I still recommend exploring them.

Move is a platform-agnostic, open-source programming language designed for writing smart contracts. Originally developed as part of Meta’s Diem project, Move’s syntax is influenced by c++ and rust, with a focus on Resources as primary constructs.

If you are interested in delving into Move, I recommend starting by joining the Aptos Move community on Discord. This community offers a wealth of resources and FAQs to guide you through your learning journey. While the official Move Book may seem like the next logical step, I found it lacking in explanatory definitions. Instead, I suggest checking out movespiders.com, a code game that covers beginner to intermediate levels similar to Solidity’s CryptoZombies.

Next, explore the Aptos Tutorials, especially the first three, to experiment with the Aptos client, Move compiler, and Aptos SDK from the client side. Additionally, I recommend installing the Aptos official wallet, Petra, to interact with deployed modules on the testnet and experience transaction finality speed and the faucet feature.

For a more hands-on learning experience, consider following the IMCODING site series by Wayne Culbreth. These tutorials provide a comprehensive tour of Aptos Move core concepts along with the author’s insights. The official Aptos Move Tutorial and the move-examples folder in the aptos-core repository are also valuable resources to explore further possibilities with Move.

I hope that this opinionated list of resources can help streamline your onboarding process. Feel free to share any other valuable resources in the comments section. Stay tuned for more updates!

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