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$RCADE Farming Now Live: Your Guide to the Revolving Games Airdrop

Revolutionary Games, a new venture in the world of web3 gaming, is gearing up for its token launch. And what comes along with it? An airdrop, of course!

To learn more about Revolutionary Games, you can visit their website at https://www.revolvinggames.com/. They describe themselves as the “AAA web3 blockchain gaming company” that aims to revolutionize play-and-earn gaming experiences through a connected metaverse.

The team at Revolutionary Games is composed of industry veterans who have a track record of success in developing social games that have collectively generated over $3 billion in revenue. The company initially started in 2020 as a mobile-based free-to-play gaming company before transitioning into a two-studio company in 2022. They partnered with Gala Games and NBCUniversal to produce their first blockchain game, “Battlestar Galactica.”

Their flagship game, Skyborne, is set to have three phases and a collaboration with Polygon Labs and OpenSea:
– Phase 1: Skyborne Genesis, a web browser mini-game at https://skybornegenesis.com/
– Phase 2: Skyborne Phoenix Flight, a mobile fantasy adventure game
– Phase 3: Skyborne Legacy, a PC-based MMORPG

Skyborne is a social world exploration and trading RPG that will be deployed on the Polygon network. Revolutionary Games aims to create AAA quality games that stand out in major gaming forums like Gamescom and E3.

In September 2022, Revolutionary Games secured $13.2 million in funding from various investors to further develop scalable and decentralized gaming experiences. They plan to work on both established franchises and original IPs over the next two years.

To participate in Revolutionary Games’ airdrop campaign tied to the launch of their native token, $RCADE, you can follow these steps:
– Step 1: Visit https://sidequest.rcade.game/
– Step 2: Connect an X account
– Step 3: Connect a web3 wallet
– Step 4: Collect points through quests and referring new participants
– Step 5: Await the token launch for rewards

Additionally, Revolutionary Games offers a loyalty program for RG Byte holders that allows them to convert loyalty points into tokens, in-game NFTs, real-life rewards, and future ecosystem airdrops.

For more information, you can visit BitPinas: Revolving Games’ $RCADE Farming is Now Live.

Remember, before investing in any cryptocurrency, make sure to do your own research and seek professional advice. The content provided here is for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. Your decisions are your own responsibility.

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