Earn Points with zkPass Airdrop: A Comprehensive Guide to Participating in Social Tasks and Testnet Activities

In the current time where a cost-free airdrop is considered a blessing, individuals can earn points through social tasks and participating in testnet campaigns.

zkPass Introduction

zkPass ( is an upcoming private data protocol that utilizes three-party transport layer security and hybrid zero-knowledge (ZK) technologies.

“zkPass is a protocol focused on private data verification with a strong emphasis on privacy. It leverages Multi-Party Computation (MPC), Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKP), and three-party Transport Layer Security (3P-TLS),” the team explained.

Upon its launch, zkPass is expected to provide tools and applications for secure sharing of verifiable data while maintaining privacy and integrity. Users will be able to selectively validate their data from any HTTPS website, covering various data types like legal identity, financial records, healthcare information, social interactions, work experience, education, and skill certifications.

The zkPass developers assure that these verifications will be conducted securely and privately locally, eliminating the need to disclose or upload sensitive personal data to third parties.

“zkPass can be easily integrated into different application scenarios, including decentralized identity passes, DeFi lending protocols, healthcare data markets, and dating apps,” the protocol highlighted. “It can offer a solution wherever trust and privacy are essential.”

zkPass Use Cases

One of the standout features of zkPass is “zkKYC,” which employs ZK proofs for KYC processes. This feature aims to safeguard sensitive personal information while adhering to regulatory requirements.

“Utilizing zero-knowledge proofs and multi-party computation, zkKYC offers a secure and efficient identity verification solution for financial institutions, businesses, and individuals,” the developers emphasized.

Furthermore, zkPass can be utilized for governance and voting systems of blockchain-based protocols, serving as a privacy-preserving identity protocol.

“It allows users to authenticate privately and verifiably without divulging personal information or identity. zkPass presents a secure alternative to traditional authentication mechanisms, enhancing security, privacy, and trust in digital governance and voting.”

zkPass touts itself as an interoperable, scalable, and cost-effective protocol that can address privacy and security concerns across various sectors including finance, social networking, health, education, and research.

“From decentralized finance to social networking, zkPass is laying the foundation for a secure, private, and trust-based digital ecosystem where privacy and security are fundamental rights for all.”

zkPass Airdrop Guide

zkPass has outlined its mainnet launch scheduled for this year, prompting its ongoing campaign.

The campaign introduces a points system called $ZKP Credit, where one ZKP point is equivalent to one $ZKP.

Earning ZKP credits is possible through social tasks and participation in the pre-alpha testnet campaign.

For those interested in joining, further information is required to be disclosed in the article on BitPinas: zkPass Airdrop Guide: Earning Points Through Social Tasks and Testnet Participation


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