Apeiron Unveils $1 Million Prize Pool for First-Ever Guild Wars 2024 Tournament

Photo for the Article - Apeiron Announces $1 Million Prize Pool for Inaugural Guild Wars 2024 Tournament

Apeiron, the Web3 god game, has recently announced its Apeiron Guild Wars 2024 tournament with a $1 million prize pool, making it the largest in the game’s history. The tournament will kick off with online preliminaries from May to June.

According to a statement, Guild Wars is planned to be an annual event. For more details about the tournament, visit and guilds can register here.

Participation in the tournament is open to the entire web3 community and established guilds, with past tournaments featuring well-known participants like Avocado DAO, GuildFi, W3GG, Zombie Club, Ancient 8, METAT8, Sura, and APE.GG.

Apeiron developer Foonie Magus’s CEO, Frank Cheng, mentioned that the game aims to create a competitive environment with tournaments for all skill levels, fostering a community-centered gaming ecosystem.

The Apeiron Guild Wars 2024 will begin with online preliminaries from May 21 to June 25, leading up to a final in-person event. Additionally, guilds will compete for tournament slots through a special Guild PvP online leaderboard from May 21 to July 2, followed by regional invitational events.

The top 12 guilds from each region will be invited to the Apeiron Guild Wars 2024, with the semifinals and finals taking place in Hong Kong in Q3 2024. The $1 million prize pool will be divided equally between cash and NFTs for the top competitors.

All matches will be streamed on Apeiron’s Twitch channel with community watch parties on Discord.

In collaboration with Talon and United Esports, Apeiron previously held the Apeiron x Talon Nova Tournament with separate conferences for Asia and the Americas. The game is currently in open beta and plans for a full launch later this year. Apeiron is set to launch on the Ronin Blockchain in partnership with Sky Mavis and Foonie Magus.

For further information, you can read the full article on BitPinas: God Game Apeiron Unveils Guild Wars Tournament w/ $1M Prize.

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