Government Deemed as the Aggressor in Samourai Wallet Legal Battle

“The State is any entity that can retrospectively pardon a crime. If you forgive a murder, you get an army. If you forgive an assault, you get police. If you forgive a theft, you get taxes. And this notion that there exists the sovereign ability to change the rules for a limited number of people and grant them licenses to do things that would otherwise be criminal gives you a very clear definition of the State. The State is what washes your hands when you do something that is inherently wrong.” @leashless The recent imprisonment of the developers of Samourai wallet implies a new attack by the United States government on privacy, financial freedom, and especially the use of cash. They accuse the owners of Samourai of conducting money transmission without a license and of not adhering to the draconian anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism financing measures. First, they are accused of money laundering, a crime that in any libertarian legal system would not be considered a crime. In any system of social organization, whether minarchist, capitalist, libertarian, anarchist, agorist, or any other moderately rational form, for there to be a crime, there must be a victim. That is to say, punishing anyone is not allowed unless they have victimized another person. For there to be a victim, there must be non-consensual harm to another person. Only communist or pro-communist systems…

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