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Notcoin Temporarily Halts Deposits in Anticipation of Upcoming Listing

In an article published by Cryptochronicle.xyz, the Notcoin team recently announced the suspension of NOT token deposits on crypto exchanges and its implications for users.

Notcoin Suspends Deposits
The Notcoin team communicated that starting on May 14, users will no longer be able to deposit their NOT tokens to cryptocurrency exchanges. The suspension will be in effect until the coin’s official listing on May 16. Users were advised to ensure they have initiated transfers to exchanges if they wish to start trading immediately upon listing.

Upcoming Listing and Trading Options
Following the listing on May 16, the option to withdraw Notcoin (NOT) will be available once again. Notcoin, a web3 gaming project launched within The Open Network (TON) ecosystem, allows users to earn coins through a mini-application in the Telegram messenger. Token earning opportunities can be increased through various activities provided.

Token Distribution and Accessibility
Prior to this announcement, the Notcoin project team disclosed that 5% of the token’s total supply would be divided among community members and cryptocurrency exchange clients. One billion NOT was designated for users of the wallet bot within Telegram, with the campaign concluding on May 25. NOT will be available to all users starting on May 16, and can be traded on the P2P market or exchanged for Toncoin (TON), USDT, or Bitcoin (BTC). It can further be sent to Telegram contacts and used for payments.

Listing and Earning Opportunities
Recently, the Notcoin team disclosed NOT’s listing on the OKX crypto exchange’s Jumpstart marketplace’s launchpad. Traders have the opportunity to earn Notcoin by staking TON from May 13 to May 16. This listing enhances the accessibility and utility of NOT within the crypto ecosystem.

In conclusion, the suspension of NOT deposits on crypto exchanges signifies a significant milestone as Notcoin prepares for its upcoming listing on May 16. Users are encouraged to complete their transfers beforehand to be able to trade immediately upon listing. Notcoin’s integration with Telegram and the TON ecosystem, along with its unique earning mechanisms, solidify its position as a compelling addition to the web3 gaming and cryptocurrency sectors.

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