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As reported by the editor from, BounceBit, a prominent player in the cryptocurrency industry, has officially unveiled its BounceClub Mainnet. This onchain Web3 universe is created for individuals to engage and create within. The launch follows the successful conclusion of the BounceClub East-to-West Testnet Event and Testnet Phase 2.

Mainnet Club Distribution:
To coincide with the Mainnet release, a total of 7000 BounceClubs have been pre-minted. The initial 1000 BounceClubs are retained by BounceBit and awarded as incentives to ecosystem partners, while the remaining 6000 will be distributed to the leading 6000 Testnet BounceClub owners based on the BIT earned during the East-to-West Testnet Event.

Daily Club Lottery:
BounceBit has introduced a Daily Club Lottery to provide users with the opportunity to acquire a BounceClub. Each day, a BounceClub is generated and auctioned on the Club Market page in a lottery format. Users can participate by committing 10 BB tokens to the lucky draw pool. These Clubs can be traded and transferred on Mainnet.

BounceBit App Store:
At the core of BounceClub is the BounceBit App Store, a collection of diverse Web3 plugins ranging from DeFi, Gaming, SocialFi, to AI. Developers are encouraged to submit their protocols for potential inclusion in the BounceBit App Store. BounceClub owners can personalize their Clubs and offer Web3 activities to club members by selecting and adding apps to their Clubs.

Features of BounceClub Mainnet:
Club owners have the ability to customize their Club, from establishing the Club Portfolio to minting tokens and stablecoins within the Club. They can incorporate various apps into their Club to provide different functionalities and DeFi yield opportunities for Club members. On the other hand, Club members can engage in a variety of Web3 activities within Clubs, including DeFi apps, games, chat rooms, and more.

Deploy on BounceBit Testnet:
BounceBit Mainnet enables developers to deploy on the BounceBit chain by submitting their DApps for listing on the BounceBit App Store. The App Store showcases both in-house DApps and those developed by the community or external projects.

About BounceClub:
BounceClub serves as a comprehensive platform for personalized on-chain spaces. It includes the BounceBit App Store, a collection of pre-built Web3 plugins curated for ease of use. Developers can submit their smart contracts for listing, empowering BounceClub owners with limitless possibilities.

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