BounceBit Unveils Mainnet Launch with Groundbreaking Features

BounceBit Mainnet Launches

We are excited to announce the official launch of the BounceBit Mainnet, a significant milestone since our initial rollout in late January 2024. The successful Water Margin TVL Event has led to tremendous growth, with approximately $1 billion in Total Value Locked (TVL) and nearly 400,000 early contributors.

Impressive Growth Since Initial Rollout

Since the introduction of BounceBit’s Premium Yield Generation feature, thousands of staked BTC are generating continuous yield through Funding Rate Arbitrage. The Testnet phase was also successful, demonstrating the strength and stability of the BounceBit Network.

New Functionalities Introduced in BounceBit Mainnet

The BounceBit Mainnet launch brings new functionalities accessible through our portal at For detailed guides and information, visit our updated documentation at

BB Tokens Required for Transactions

As a reminder, the BounceBit chain operates as a standalone Layer 1 network where BB serves as the gas fee token. Make sure to have BB tokens for transactions on the BounceBit chain. Check for BB airdrop eligibility or purchase BB on Binance.

What to Expect on BounceBit Mainnet

Here’s what you can expect on BounceBit Mainnet:

  1. Node Staking & Delegation
  2. BounceBit introduces a dual-token PoS mechanism where validators stake BBTC and BB to enhance network security. Delegate assets to node operators through the LSD module and receive staked tokens accordingly. Liquid Staking is available on

  3. Premium Yield Generation
  4. All profits before May 13 are claimable on through Premium Yield Generation, generating yield on BTC and USD stablecoins via Funding Rate Arbitrage on Binance.

  5. Liquid Custody
  6. Participate in Liquid Custody on by depositing assets on BNB Smart Chain and Ethereum Network. Liquid Custody Tokens (LCTs) are issued upon deposit receipt.

  7. Bridging onto BounceBit
  8. Bridge LCTs to BounceBit using MultiBit Bridge or Polyhedra‚Äôs zkBridge. MultiBit also supports bridging native Bitcoin onto BounceBit with gas fees paid in the origin chain’s coin.

  9. BounceClub
  10. BounceClub is a crucial part of the ecosystem, providing on-chain Web3 universe for users. Customize Clubs for project visibility and engage in a variety of Web3 activities.


Focus on growing the ecosystem with BounceClub and developing additional SSCs for a stronger restaking infrastructure.
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