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Ripple’s Latest Breakthroughs: What Will They Mean for XRP in the Crypto Market?

JackTheRippler is optimistic about XRP in 2024, citing four major events that could drive the cryptocurrency to a new all-time high. These events include the final judgment in the Ripple-SEC case, XRP’s integration with banks, Ripple’s IPO, and the potential launch of XRP ETFs.

According to JackTheRippler, XRP’s current price is $0.5077 with a market cap of $28,104,614,848, ranking it 7th on CoinMarketCap. Despite a recent 17.33% dip, a slight surge of 0.53% has boosted the community’s confidence.

The protracted Ripple-SEC lawsuit is nearing a final judgment, with both parties awaiting the verdict. The adoption of XRP by banks, as exemplified by Ripple’s collaboration with HSBC, suggests wider acceptance of XRP and XRPL.

While Ripple’s IPO has been delayed, JackTheRippler remains positive about its eventual launch. The potential introduction of XRP ETFs could further boost XRP’s value.

In addition, KingXRP projects significant price increases for XRP based on key developments. He foresees XRP reaching $18.57 following the settlement of the lawsuit, and potentially surging to $257.21 with more bank integrations.

KingXRP also hints at XRP’s price rising to $3748.34 after Ripple’s IPO, and the most substantial hike projected is 59,873.18, expected following Ripple’s CBDC integration.

Readers are advised to exercise caution and conduct their own research before making any investment decisions based on the information provided in the article.

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