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Match System CEO Andrei Kutin Reveals Successful Recovery of $68 Million in Stolen Crypto Assets from Cryptex

Dubai, UAE, May 11th, 2024, Chainwire

CEO of Match Systems, Andrei Kutin, has announced the successful recovery of $68 million in stolen crypto assets from Cryptex.
Summary: $68 million in assets stolen during the May 3, 2024 incident related to a “dust” attack have been fully returned to the victim with the help of cybersecurity agency Match Systems and the Cryptex cryptocurrency exchange. The victim currently has no complaints against the attacker.

On May 3, 2024, a crypto whale fell victim to a classic dust attack, resulting in the theft of 1,155.28 WBTC valued at over $68 million.
The stolen tokens were sent to an unknown scammer at address 0xd9A1C3788D81257612E2581A6ea0aDa244853a91, then transferred to address 0xfB5bcA56A3824E58A2c77217fb667AE67000b7A6, before being distributed in parts to various scammer addresses.
The victim sought help from Match Systems, leading to the assets being recovered and returned in full within a week.
This incident showcases the importance of promptly contacting specialists in cases of crypto asset theft to improve the chances of recovery.
Furthermore, seeking help early increases the likelihood of recovering stolen funds in full.

For more information on this type of theft, refer to the article:

About Match Systems:
Match Systems is a prominent company specializing in AML services, blockchain investigations, and compliance procedures for cryptocurrency projects worldwide. Through advanced technology and expertise in financial crime detection, the company assists organizations in navigating regulatory challenges and minimizing risks associated with digital currencies.

Media Contacts:
Name: Joseph Anderson
Website: https://matchsystems.com/
Email: mediacoverage@matchsystems.com
Address: Dubai, UAE

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