LayerZero Introduces Self-Reporting Feature to Combat Airdrop Exploitation

LayerZero Implements Self-Reporting to Fight Airdrop Farming

Key Takeaways

LayerZero Labs introduces a self-reporting mechanism to combat airdrop farming, offering users 15% of their original token allocation to come clean; Users involved in airdrop farming must connect their wallets and verify ownership by May 17; Post-deadline, LayerZero will publicly identify non-compliant users and encourage community reports of suspected airdrop farming.

LayerZero Labs Announces New Approach to Combat Airdrop Farming

LayerZero Labs, the innovators behind the cross-chain interoperability protocol, have recently announced a new approach to combatting airdrop farming in their network.

Announced via an X post on May 3, this new approach includes a self-reporting mechanism that encourages users involved in such activities to admit their actions, offering them a percentage of the intended token allocation.

Sybil activity, or airdrop farming, is when individuals create multiple fake accounts to claim more digital tokens than they are entitled to.

A representative from LayerZero stated: “We are giving all sybil users an opportunity to self-report within the next 14 days in return for 15% of their intended allocation, no questions asked.”

Users wishing to self-report must connect a wallet associated with the sybil activities and sign a message to confirm ownership.

For those who do not disclose these activities by the May 17 deadline, LayerZero Labs will initiate a two-phase enforcement strategy. The first phase includes publicly naming the non-compliant users, and the second phase encourages the community to report any suspected airdrop farming.

This announcement comes soon after LayerZero completed the first snapshot for the airdrop of its ZRO token. Overall, this initiative reflects LayerZero Labs’ commitment to maintaining a fair and transparent environment in token distribution.

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