Core incorporates game-changing airdrop tool designed by Ava Labs

Core integrates a revolutionary airdrop tool by Ava Labs

Core is the premium native ecosystem wallet and portfolio of Avalanche, offering a seamless token distribution through its airdrop tool. This tool enables builders to reward their loyal community members strategically. As a celebration of Core’s powerful features, all participants from the Core Memecoin Month will receive a distributed reward in the same meme coin they used during the event. Participants who qualify for COQ’s memecoin week will be airdropped COQ coins.

Ava Labs’ new airdrop tool effectively addresses challenges with airdrops, making cost-effective promotional tools in high demand for Web3 growth strategies. Core’s airdrop tool is recognized for its simplicity and potential, providing users with an easy way to utilize on-chain data for airdrops and promotions. The tool’s interface empowers builders to streamline token distribution and community engagement by indexing on-chain data and examining contract-level activity.

Supported by Core’s flagship digital product, the airdrop tool currently supports Avalanche C chain and a subset of ERC20 tokens, with plans to add more diverse tokens in the future. A deployed prototype of the ThirdWeb Airdrop contract and Ava Labs’ internal security team are showcased by the tool, allowing users to locate community members who have interacted with the contract using the query builder.

The Core airdrop tool’s Query Builder feature enables users to conduct multiple queries with a single search, allowing for the manual addition of addresses and fine-tuning of the airdrop list with custom queries. During the initial launch days, all airdrops will be distributed identically among all wallets, with upcoming features to include claimability options and customized amounts per address.

Accessible as a product suite on iOS and Android, a Chrome Extension, and a desktop application, Core offers access to Avalanche Bridge, Development Tools, Subnets, Discover, and Staking. Users can create a self-custody wallet using their Gmail or Apple ID with the Core airdrop tool, making it a comprehensive solution for token distribution and community engagement.

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