YEY.Tech Partners with Kusho World to Accelerate Web3 Integration

The Filipino-produced anime-inspired NFT collection, Kusho World, has announced a partnership with YEY, an experience platform that focuses on fandom engagement created by the metaverse guild hub BlockchainSpace (BSPC).

This partnership is intended to enhance interaction within the web3 industry, specifically within the community of the NFT collection.

Kusho and YEY Partnership

In their press release, Kusho World emphasized the goal of their partnership with YEY to position the NFT collection as a leading example in the web3 ecosystem by utilizing YEY’s community and fandom features. This objective will be achieved through unique user experiences, reward systems, and overall community development.

Joe Josue, the current leader of Kusho World, stated that YEY will provide tools to support the NFT collection, its intellectual property, and the community around it. They have already begun integrating YEY tools like POAPs, Gachas, and Raffles, which were previously done manually. Kusho now has its own dashboard to better understand its community and is exploring deep integration using data and Shinys from YEY.

Partnership Strategy

The partnership is driven by three key strategies: community integration, co-branding and co-marketing, and technical integration. Kusho World will integrate YEY platform features into all community activities and rewards systems to enhance user experience.

Kusho World will serve as the flagship partner of YEY to promote the platform’s ecosystem and will be a central case study in YEY’s expansion efforts. With a growing developer and partner community, members can expect new opportunities for innovation using the YEY Platform.

YEY, developed by BlockchainSpace, aims to empower fandoms through unique NFTs called Shinys that represent membership, access to rewards, and events for online communities.

Kusho World’s Revival

Kusho World initially gained attention in the #CryptoPH community during its launch in 2022, aiming to showcase Filipino artistry and educate the local community about the potential of NFTs. Despite early support, the project experienced inactivity, leading to founder Yuann Acosta stepping down in November 2022.

A revival of the project occurred when MetaSports Co-Founder Joe Josue acquired Kusho World, aiming to build something new and global from its foundation. Josue plans to establish Kusho World as a legal entity, secure trademarks, and ensure legal compliance to protect the brand and intellectual property.

Kusho World recently partnered with the University of the Philippines Los Baños Computer Science Society to introduce more people to blockchain technology and NFTs as part of the UNCHAINED: The Internet, Reimagined with Web 3.0 event held in February 2024.

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