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Sandbox Moodie Challenge of Cuisinia: A Culinary Adventure for Crypto Enthusiasts

The Sandbox Moodie Challenge, brought to you by Cuisinia, is a delightful blend of food, culture, and digital innovation. This unique challenge celebrates the exotic cuisine of Thailand, a paradise for food enthusiasts. Cuisinia is a Web3 platform dedicated to all things foodie, creating a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for cooking and exploring different flavors and aromas.

Cuisinia x The Sandbox Moodie Challenge offers a cooking-themed game with score-based rankings and exciting rewards. To participate in this rewarding experience, players must answer all related questions, create a KYC-authenticated account, and pass a verification process.

Mark your calendars for May 10-12 as Cuisinia and The Sandbox will be offering three special wearable NFTs to commemorate their partnership. Stay tuned on May 13 for more updates on Cuisinia’s social media channels. As part of the festivities, villages will come together to showcase their culinary skills at the Cuisinia festival, featuring traditional ingredients that represent the pride of their tribes.

Don’t miss out on the Cuisinia cookery extravaganza – a surprise package awaits all attendees!

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