Our Experience Completing the YGG Roadtrip Quests in Baguio: A Cryptochronicle Exclusive

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As an editor from, a leading crypto news site, I have contributed to this content, along with additional information provided by Michael Mislos.

Aside from attending talks, engaging with the community, and interviewing participants, the BitPinas team also explored the booths in the Experience Zone during the YGG Pilipinas Roadtrip at Camp John Hay Trade and Cultural Center in Baguio City on April 26.

BitPinas contributor Michael Lance Domagas actively engaged in and completed all quests from the booths. Here is his full experience.

The activities at the event involved utilizing social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Telegram to complete tasks. Domagas found it rewarding to explore the various booths, which enabled him to discover games developed using web3 and blockchain technology.

“I enjoyed visiting the booths as I learned about games built on web3 and blockchain. It was enlightening to realize that there are more games beyond the popular Axie Infinity. It’s a valuable experience,” said Michael Lance Domagas, an attendee at the YGG Roadtrip in Baguio City.

Domagas noted that many games showcased during the event were interactive, allowing attendees to fully immerse themselves in the gaming experience. Some booths provided opportunities to play first-person shooters and RPGs, with a few even allowing attendees to download and play games on the spot.

However, Domagas suggested that having a dedicated showcase area for the games could enhance the overall experience. Despite this, the games were highlighted throughout the day on the main stage.

Domagas also observed the keen interest shown by the Baguio locals in learning about these games. Throughout the day, he discovered that attendees were not only part of the extended YGG community but also included university students and families from both the city and nearby provinces.

To complete the quest at the event, attendees had to obtain a quest card and get it stamped by each booth after participating in the activities. Upon completion, they could submit their card for a chance to win prizes such as Jambo Phones, physical merchandise, cryptocurrency tokens, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Out of the 15 booths present, 11 represented web3 and blockchain games or entities.

During the event, attendees encountered various experiences. While some found the event enjoyable and appreciated the games and technologies, others felt that certain booths lacked game demos, in-depth discussions, and firsthand experiences.

Suggestions for improvement included clearer purchasing instructions for the JamboPhone, more information and guides for the games and platforms, and addressing internet challenges faced during the download of games with large file sizes.

In a statement, Mench Dizon, Country Head of YGG Pilipinas, acknowledged the connectivity challenges at the event and assured that measures were being implemented to prevent such incidents in future events.

She mentioned the demand from Filipinos to explore opportunities in web3 and highlighted YGG Pilipinas’ commitment to reaching out to various areas in the Philippines. The collaboration with JamboPhone demonstrated efforts to improve accessibility and enhance internet connectivity for the web3 community in the country.

The YGG Roadtrip featured booths from web3 games such as Arena of Faith, Petopia, Axie Infinity, Guild of Guardians, SIPHER Odyssey, Another World, and Zeeverse. Additionally, web3 gaming entities like BreederDAO, Delabs, 3KDS, YGG Pilipinas, and Metaversity were present. Web3 firms including Jambo Technology and also participated in the event.

Attendees could engage in various activities at the booths, such as checking the daily bounty board at the Axie booth or taking a photo with the Jambo phone at the Jambo booth.

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