XRPL EVMSidechain Upgrades: Introducing New Transaction Fees and Activation of Cosmos IBC

Peersyst Technology, in collaboration with Ripple, has implemented Amendments 33 and 34 for the XRPL EVMSidechain. These changes introduce new transaction costs in XRP and activate the Cosmos IBC, enhancing the functionality and connectivity of the ecosystem.

Amendment 33 sets new transaction fees in XRP, while Amendment 34 enables cross-chain communication with Cosmos. These updates are significant in improving network security, scalability, and ensuring minimal transaction fees comparable to other popular chains like Binance Smart Chain or Polygon.

The community overwhelmingly supported these amendments, signifying a commitment to the continual advancement of the platform. With the activation of IBC channels, XRPL EVMSidechain is now linked to the Cosmos ecosystem, paving the way for complex applications and efficient transactions.

These developments demonstrate the dedication of the community and developers to improve the XRPL ecosystem. The integration with Cosmos through IBC enhances interoperability with other blockchains, fostering innovation in the blockchain space.

Expectations are high for increased developer interest and adoption of XRPL EVMSidechain for various applications, positioning it as a top contender in the blockchain industry. Join Discord for more information and stay updated on the latest governance updates!

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