CryptoPH Conversations Meetup: A Recap of Thought-Provoking Discussions and Delicious Cuisine

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I joined the #CryptoPH sector during the 2021 post-bull market period—when the market was already declining, $SLP dropped from ₱20 to ₱1, and the NFT community was thriving.

Following the recent bear market, I have participated in numerous in-person and online events, particularly those organized by BitPinas. However, this particular event stood out.

The #CryptoPH Conversations meetup is a collaboration between BitPinas and GCash executive Luis Buenaventura. The event is sponsored by Bitshares Labs, with GCash as the venue partner.

I understand that Bitcoin halving is significant and signals the upcoming green rally.

The timing of the #CryptoPH Conversations event was perfect—it took place on the evening of April 19, just before the halving on April 20. A lucky coincidence, isn’t it?

This fills me with hope. Despite reaching an all-time high recently, could this be the last event before the anticipated bull market kicks in?

Highlight 1: The People, The Food

One of the highlights of the event for me was the pre-event.

Guests enjoyed their food while interacting with others within the community.

I observed them catching up, discussing the latest projects, sharing memorable moments from specific airdrops, and even establishing partnerships and friendships informally. This event attracted bitcoiners, startup founders, project leaders, traders, airdrop enthusiasts, and friends.

Watching them connect with each other is always a success indicator for events like this. In an industry where most interactions are online, sharing knowledge, learning, and making connections are already wins.

Thanks to the delicious food, we had the energy to engage with other web3 enthusiasts.

Highlight 2: The Curious Minds

The event commenced around 7:30 p.m., featuring two notable Filipino bitcoiners sharing their insights—#CryptoPH Champion Luis Buenaventura and former Solicitor General of the Philippines Florin Hilbay.

Before diving into their wisdom, Luis discussed the historical trends following bitcoin halving events.

The audience was eager to ask questions, learn, clarify doubts, and feed their curious minds.

To discover the questions directed at Hilbay and Buenaventura, along with their responses, click here: Ex-Solgen Hilbay, GCash Exec Luis Buenaventura Discuss Bitcoin in Recent #CryptoPH Conversations Meetup

Highlight 3: The Hangover

Following the insightful discussion, guests enjoyed photo opportunities, engaged in further conversations, asked additional questions to the speakers, and even obtained autographs from the book author.

Overall, the night was a success, filled with new knowledge. Buenaventura and Hilbay complemented each other well—Luis shared his expertise gained from experience, while Florin delved into the book and emphasized why Bitcoin is the currency of the future.

Many thanks to the BitPinas team, Bitshares Labs, GCash’s GCrypto, and everyone who participated.

I’ll leave you with Dean Florin Hilbay’s reflection from the event: Ex-Solgen Hilbay, GCash Exec Luis Buenaventura Discuss Bitcoin in Recent #CryptoPH Conversations Meetup

Events like this that celebrate Bitcoin halving will occur again in four years. That’s a wrap for the #CryptoPH Conversations featuring the Bitcoin Halving—see you in 2028!

This article was originally published on BitPinas: [Recap] Good Food, Dialogue at CryptoPH Conversations Meetup


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