Entangle Offering Airdrop of $NGL to Testnet Participants – Reports

Photo for the Article - Not Gonna Lie? Entangle is Airdropping $NGL to Testnet Participants

At, a leading crypto news site, a Testnet is described as a duplicate of the soon-to-launch Mainnet, commonly used by decentralized protocols to identify improvements and potential issues before the Mainnet goes live.

The Testnet allows participants to access its features, observe areas for enhancements, and provide valuable feedback to developers for platform upgrades.

In exchange for participating in the Testnet, users are often rewarded through airdrops tied to the Mainnet launch or native token introduction, known as an “incentivized testnet campaign.”

Recently, an airdrop for Testnet participants was announced with the launch of $NGL.

Moving on to Entangle, a customizable messaging infrastructure aimed at unifying web3 and enhancing ecosystem liquidity. It offers secure, customizable, and interoperable data on the blockchain, enabling developers to create unique systems for cross-chain operations.

One of Entangle’s key products is Liquid Vaults, a dApp designed to optimize liquidity through the refinancing of yield-bearing assets, using Asset Backed Liquid Staking Derivatives (LSDs) supported by Entangle Data Feeds.

The utility token of Entangle, $NGL, is used to pay gas fees on the Entangle blockchain and can be staked or delegated to validators. An airdrop campaign, allocating 3% of the total supply, has been planned for Testnet participants, with 1% of the total supply set aside for rewards.

To be eligible for the airdrop, Testnet participants must meet certain criteria depending on the testnet version they are using. Instructions for joining the current testnet version, v4, are provided, including steps to follow and eligibility requirements.

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