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The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has announced a 60-day extension to decide on the approval or disapproval of the Invesco Galaxy spot Ethereum ETF proposal, marking another delay in the process.

Recently, the SEC opted to extend its review period for the Invesco Galaxy spot Ethereum ETF proposal, further postponing a decision on this significant investment product. This delay follows similar actions taken last month regarding Ethereum ETF proposals by Franklin Templeton and Grayscale.

According to industry insiders cited in a Reuters report, there are expectations that the SEC will likely reject Ethereum ETFs proposed by VanEck and ARK later this month.

Industry experts attribute the anticipated rejections of spot Ethereum ETFs to technical or procedural issues rather than fundamental concerns. Notably, the SEC’s approach to Ethereum differs from its recent approval of Bitcoin ETFs, with regulators reportedly seeking additional data before considering Ethereum ETF approvals.

Additionally, ongoing legal disputes between the SEC and key Ethereum supporter Consensys may impact the regulatory landscape for Ethereum-based investment products.

Despite regulatory uncertainties, BlackRock CEO Larry Fink expressed optimism about launching a spot Ethereum ETF, even if the underlying asset was deemed an unregistered security. This perspective highlights potential strategies to navigate regulatory hurdles in the ETF approval process.

While spot Bitcoin ETFs received SEC approval earlier this year after over a decade of regulatory scrutiny, Ethereum ETFs face distinct challenges in achieving similar acceptance.

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