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NFC 2024 in Lisbon: Five Events, One Ticket, Super Festival – May 28-30

Experience the future at the Non Fungible Conference where Digital Culture and Web3 intersect in an exciting convergence. This unique event has always been about pushing boundaries and changing the Web3 event format, bringing together leaders, artists, and audiences from Web2 and Web3 worlds around the globe.

For its 3rd edition, Non Fungible Conference has teamed up with four other incredible event organizers to create a groundbreaking Web3 summit. Prepare for five events in one:

– Non Fungible Conference: A gathering of key leaders in the Web3 universe focusing on art, fashion, and gaming.
– MEMECON 2024: The world’s first meme conference celebrating meme culture with a blend of community, humor, and insights.
– Ordinals Lisbon: An event where Ordinals and Runes communities take control of Lisbon.
– R3D CARPET: The World’s first AI Movie Festival blending AI fashion with the glamour of film festivals.
– Off Moga: Enjoy day and night beach parties with around 20 DJ’s in Costa da Caparica.

All of this will take place at the iconic Carlos Lopes Pavilion in Parque Eduardo VII, Lisbon city center, and the stunning beaches of Costa da Caparica.

Non Fungible Conference will feature art exhibitions, fashion shows, gaming contests, and panels with top speakers like Robby Yung, Patrick Amadon, Claire Silver, DeeKay Motion, Punk6529, and Sebastien Borget. Co-organized by Wemix and Sandbox, and co-edited by COCA.

MEMECONNFC 2024 will showcase speakers such as OSF, Toshi, Caesars, and RealHPOS10I, celebrating the weird and wonderful world of memes.

Ordinals Lisbon will feature speakers like Trevor.btc, Taproot Wizzard, and Casey Rodarmor, and is organized by Ordinals Pizza Ninja.

R3D CARPET will provide an immersive experience inspired by film festivals, led by Clare Maguire and Leo Crane.

Off Moga promises three beaches, three parties, and 20 DJ’s at Costa da Caparica, organized by Moga Festival and powered by Non Fungible Conference and The Sandbox.

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